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Apps to help you decorate your home

Decorating your home to reflect your personal style is one of the most enjoyable parts of homeownership. However, not everyone is blessed with artistic flair. Choosing the right color schemes or visualizing home spaces in certain styles may be difficult for some.

Luckily, we can now unleash our artisticéclat in our respective homes with the help of our cellular phones. Several mobile apps on both iOS and Androidcan help homeowners to design, decorate, and style the home with ease. Here are some choice apps to use:

Free oniOS and Android

Considered as one of the best design apps out there, Houzz is a database that contains over 19 million high-resolutionphotos. These photos arecategorized by style, room, and location so they are easy to find.

Create your own Ideabookand use it forstoring ideas, compiling inspiration material, and getting help from expert design consultants. It also has a sketch feature to annotate and draw directly on the photos.

Houzz has been dubbed the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN. It was also hailed as the best interior design app by publications such as The Independent, New York Times, and theWashington Post.

Free on iOS

PANTONE Studio is a Bronze Winner at the 2017 Cannes Lions, an international festival that celebrates the creative marketing community. What distinguishes this app from the restare its imaginative color palettes and smooth user interface.

Discover the finest color schemes, cross-reference palettes, and create gorgeous harmonies for your home with just the touch of a button. You can also extract exact shades and hues from your phone’s gallery photos or from pictures you take.

This app has an Android-compatible equivalent called myPantone.

Free on iOS and Android

This is the perfect app for redecorating your home.MagicPlancan create floor plans using your phone’s camera, connect a laser distance meter through Bluetooth, view 2D plans, and create 3D models. It can also calculate distances, surroundings, and surfaces.

MagicPlan lets you annotate photos of your space and lets you furnish with over 1,000 virtual objects. You can also create your own customized furnishings. With this app, you have the freedom to truly make your home your own.

Free on iOS and Android

HomeStyler is a “virtual fitting room” where you can superimpose 3D models of furniture, fixtures, and accessoriesin your actual space. The items on their list of models are from actual brands and designers. If you like a certain piece for your home, you can order them directly with no hassle.

Another interesting feature is the Design Gallery where you can browseother people’s home designs, as well as professional design portfolios. You can get in touch with expert designers in your area and ask a community of users for design tips, too. 

With the right tools and proper assistance, you can make your home truly your own. Learn about more decorating tips and Manson real estate by perusing through our helpful articles. Better yet, get in touch with us at Coldwell Banker Lake Chelan Properties by calling 509.682.7777 or send an email to