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May 16

Winterfest: What to Expect from this Magical Festival

Every winter, the banks of Lake Chelan turns into a magical wonderland of lights and activity. Making this possible is a yearly gala flocked by a great number of tourists – the Lake Chelan Valley Winterfest Festival. Here’s what you should know about this much awaited event: What is Wi...

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May 6

How to Choose a Color Palette for your New Home

Deciding on your home’s color palette is crucial when it comes to decorating. The colors you choose will determine the overall style and atmosphere of your livingspace. Even if each room has its own distinct design, there should be coherence for the transition between each space to look seamle...

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Apr 26

5 Water Activities You Can Enjoy in Lake Chelan

One of the many advantages of owning a Lake Chelan waterfront property is the access to pristine waters and being close to a number of smaller lakes and waterways. For whatever kind of water-related recreation you want to try, Lake Chelan is perfect for it. Take your pick from our list of the...

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