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Black Friday Is Going to Be Different in 2020

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Black Friday 2020 is going to be a very different experience. Big stores like Wal-Mart and Target are focusing on online sales, closing down for Thanksgiving day, and will likely be at reduced capacity due to the pandemic. Why not skip dangerously crowded stores, bask in the gorgeous surroundings of Lake Chelan real estate, and try out these alternative Black Friday activities?

Explore the outdoors

While the jury’s still out, it seems that outdoor activities are far less risky than staying indoors. Skip the stale air of packed megastores and take in the great outdoors. Many Lake Chelan homes for sale are within easy driving distance of public parks like Lake Chelan State Park, or the gorgeous hiking trails of the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. Plan a day trip, stretch those legs, and burn off some extra calories after a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast!

Go on a picnic

If you’re looking for something less strenuous, you can pack some of those Thanksgiving leftovers and relish a spot of fresh air by taking the family out on a picnic at places like Chelan’s Don Morse Memorial Park. Thankfully, Chelan WA real estate isn’t far from the grandeur of the great outdoors.

Shop local

If you do want to head out and shop, browse the shops along Chelan’s main street or Manson’s lakeside drive for a chance to support local businesses. You can find everything from quirky gift shops, community bookstores, all the way to hardware and home décor. The year’s been hard on retailers and small businesses, so they will appreciate your patronage. Once you’re done shopping, you can also check out the local restaurants, wineries, and other eating spots.

Do take the time to plan out your shopping trip, pay attention to local deals, and research which businesses and restaurants are open on Black Friday and Small Business Sunday so that you can take maximum advantage of any opportunities! When in doubt, check out this helpful directory provided Lake Chelan Chamber of Commerce

Binge-watch with the family

If you’re not up for a day trip, you can also have a chill day in. Binge-watch family favorite movies, live action or animated series, or the latest blockbusters streamed straight to your living room. Give everyone a say in what you’re going to watch and make sure you’re well stocked on snacks. Be prepared to melt into your couch for a spot of uninterrupted time with the family. (Keep phones and devices out of reach, preferably in another room, for the duration of the movie.)

Check out the online deals

If you absolutely must do some big-name store shopping, skip the doorbusters and shoot for the online deals instead. Given health concerns, many retailers are turning to online sales to rescue the holiday shopping season. Scope out the offers, and if you want that experience of opening a box of shiny presents with the family on Black Friday, order early to take shipping into account.

Black Friday is going to be different this year, but with a bit of planning and some alternate activities, you can still make it another great highlight of your holidays!

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