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Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends

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If you’re planning to put your property among the homes for sale in Lake Chelan soon, you may want to go through your kitchen to check for elements that feel outdated or are in need of repairs or replacement. Many homebuyers consider a great kitchen as the main selling point of a house, and with the right updates, you could easily secure a much better price for your property.

For new concepts and designs for your home’s kitchen, here are some of 2021’s best kitchen remodeling trends.

Stowaway shelves and cabinets

If the widespread popularity of shows like Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunting is any indication, small-space living has become one of the biggest home design trends as of late. Nowhere is this more apparent than in many homeowner’s growing preference for pullout shelves and cabinets that sit flush with the wall, hiding most – if not all – of the kitchen’s features from plain sight. This particular trend creates the illusion of a minimalist living, even when there’s a lot of extravagance sitting concealed from view.

Standout kitchen islands

Painting your kitchen island in a different shade from the rest of the space can give your kitchen an instant unique and modern look. For instance, a black island in the middle of a predominantly white kitchen can infuse an otherwise light and airy space with a bit of mystery and elegance. You can ask for the help of a color specialist to make sure the shade you choose for your island complements the rest of your kitchen décor.

Wire mesh cabinets

Compared to plain-looking glass panes, wire mesh can give cabinets a unique architectural detail and texture while effectively showing off your favorite dishware just as well as glass does. Combining the best of open and closed shelving, wire mesh traditionally lends a certain rustic appeal. But depending on the mesh style you use, your kitchen can exude a different feel – from industrial to modern.

No sharp edges

Curves, as opposed to angled edges, give a more relaxed look to the kitchen. That’s because rounded surfaces seem to flow more seamlessly and look more pleasing to the eyes. They can also be a huge boost to safety since there are fewer obstacles to bump into. As for practicality, curved kitchen designs also offer plenty of ergonomic storage potential, as compared to kitchens with corners that take a lot of space.


As a countertop material, marble never goes out of style. However, many homeowners are expanding its application. Now, you’ll find this particular stone on many other kitchen surfaces as an accent or main material. Thanks to their unique, classy, and unpredictable lines, marble panels immediately elevate a kitchen to the heights of luxury.

A word of caution, though: it’s difficult to remove stains from marble. So, if you want natural stone surfaces that are easier to keep clean, engineered quartz may be more suited for your purposes

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