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Hiking in Lake Chelan, WA

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Lake Chelan is surrounded by miles of picturesque trails where hikers can soak in the views and reconnect with nature. There’s plenty of great trails to explore throughout the valley, so if you’re looking forward to an unforgettable outdoor adventure, here’s a list of incredible hiking trails to check out in Lake Chelan, WA.

Rainbow Loop Trail

If you’re planning to visit the town of Stehekin, the Rainbow Loop Trail is a must for any nature lover.

You can find the lower trailhead located about 2.6 miles away from the Stehekin landing, while the upper trailhead is around 5 miles away. You can take the Stehekin shuttle to get to both trailheads.

The Rainbow Loop Trail features breathtaking views of Lake Chelan, the Stehekin River, and acres filled with local orchards. The trail is roughly 4.4 miles in length, and there’s an option to finish the loop by taking the road located between the trailheads. In case you’ve built up an appetite after your hike, the Stehekin Pastry Company is a short walk away from the lower trailhead, so you can treat yourself to a satisfying post-hike snack right away!

Echo Ridge

Echo Ridge treats adventurers to more than 25 miles of well-maintained trails surrounded by stunning scenery. The trails vary in difficulty and length, and there are a lot of easy, family-friendly trails ideal for kids. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, however, consider exploring the Outback Trail, a 4.2-mile loop that passes through vast wildflower meadows.

A great thing about hiking in Echo Ridge is that many of its trails intersect and overlap at different points, so you can map out your own route.

Chelan Butte and Elephant’s Head

Chelan Butte’s trailhead is located just a short walk from downtown Chelan and is an excellent trail for those looking to soak in picture-perfect views of Lake Chelan, the Chelan Gorge, and the Columbia River.

Mornings and evenings are usually the best times to head to the trail when it’s nice and cool. The trail leading to Elephant’s Head ascends over 1,190 feet, and most of the gain occurs within the first mile. So in case you’re feeling a little winded at the start, press on – the second mile will be well worth your efforts!

Little Bear Trail

Located along the south shores of Lake Chelan State Park, Little Bear Trail is an easy 2.3-mile loop ideal for hikers of all ages.

The trail starts off meandering through the state park’s lush greenery. From here, it passes through a tunnel under South Lakeshore Road and then curves into the forest, where visitors will be able to take in majestic views of Lake Chelan. It’s a fantastic hike to complete before you cap off your day with a refreshing dip in the lake, especially during warm summer days.

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