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What a reliable smart home security system can do for you

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Smart home technology is taking over. With the market saturated with a wide array of products and services, it can be hard to figure out where to begin and what to try.

We recommend starting out with a good smart home security system. Once properly installed, it allows you to conveniently monitor your home from wherever you are. If that is not enough reason to convince you, here are five reasons that might.

  1. It introduces proactive security measures

    On one hand, traditional home security methods such as alarms and sensors are usually reactive. That means they do nothing to prevent intrusions, carbon monoxide leaks, and fires. Instead, they react to the situation and introduce measures to prevent them from escalating.On the other hand, a smart home security system is proactive. It does the opposite. You will be notified through your smartphone or chosen device if a door or window was left unlocked, and then close it through the partner app. Regular updates about activities around your home will also be sent.

    Aside from smart locks, remote accessibility, and mobile alerts, you can make use of the following features: facial recognition, night-time recording, and doorbell cameras.

  2. It can add home automation functions

    Some smart home security systems allow you to control different aspects of your home. You can shut doors and windows, turn lights and other appliances on and off, and adjust your thermostat through your smartphone. As such, you will be able to correct your mistake immediately in case you forgot to do something before leaving the house.

  3. It can help you lower your utility bills

    With home automation functions, a reliable smart home security system can also help you lower your monthly electricity and utility bills.Depending on the features of the smart home security system, you can set schedules for the lights. You can also adjust the settings of the thermostat to adjust automatically according to the local weather conditions. Some systems can be connected to your smart sprinkler system (if you have one) and configure it to distribute the right amount of water for your lawn depending on the weather as well.

    Click here for smart home devices that can help you lower your energy and water consumption.

  4. The protection can extend to your network

    Nowadays, theft is no longer limited to money or physical prized possessions. Your personal information is at risk as well. Some smart home security systems can connect to your home’s network to keep your personal data away from hackers and other cyber criminals. This way, you can safely connect your devices to the internet and perform your online tasks.

  5. It can boost the value of your home

    Smart home technology in general is a highly coveted feature in the real estate market. As a result, having a reliable system installed in your property can help increase its resale value.Come sale time, it is important to find a skilled real estate agent who can convey the right information and the benefits of having a smart home security.

We can help you look for homes for sale in Lake Chelan real estate that already come with their own smart home security systems. Get in touch with our team today at 509.682.7777 or info(at)CBChelan(dotted)com for more information.